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‘Archive' comes from the Greek term, ‘arkheion’, initially a house or residence for those who kept records - the archivists. This project creates a space for an archivist to act as the keeper of the ‘object’ contained within the designed volume. Using the binocular as the source object, and inspiration, to create a live-work space for the archivist who can also act as the guide for wider public research. The contrast between the curve of the binocular lens and the linear lines of refracted optics has been extracted to create fluid and curvaceous ‘moments’ within the existing rectilinear volume. The design employs curved ergonomic walls that ‘float' within the squared building envelope guiding the user through but also providing the framework for the archival display units. The sculptural walls are a tactile warm stained oak to bring further contrast to the rougher texture of the external light sandstone walls. Further hints to the binoculars are throughout such as the tiled eye in the centre of the floor peering upwards through the ‘lens' of the skylight on the roof.

Willow Kelsey
Student name
Willow Kelsey
BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

Interior Architecture and Design at NTU has an incredibly long and rich history; with Interior Decoration taught at the first ever UK Art school, in the Waverley building during the 1950s.

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