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Stovell's Roasters

William Stovell was the original owner of the 93-95 Shudehill building from 1915 to 1948.

Growing up working at his father’s factory, William learnt the craft of metalworking, the catalyst for his fascination with the manufacture of machinery. After leaving school he was given the keys to the
newly built Stovell’s building where he managed the umbrella and walking stick factory, a contributor to goods at the Smithfield Market.

After exploration, I uncovered what appeared to be the remains of an
espresso machine archive. Linking both together, Stovells passion was not in the manufacture of umbrellas and walking sticks, however in the movement of the espresso machine. Watching the machine develop throughout his life span, his fascination grew to the extent where the basement level acted as his archive. Documentations and physical models were produced using the machinery from his factory.

Today I have restored findings from his archive, which can be found displayed throughout the building. His discovered work acted as my main source of inspiration to redesign 93-95 Shudehill, extracting the design and function of a modern-day espresso machine.

Kathryn Shailer
Student name
Kathryn Shailer
BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design
Stovell's Coffee Shop

Stovell's Coffee Shop

Stovell's Coffee Shop Espresso Bar

Stovell's Coffee Shop Espresso Bar

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