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The Void in the Canal

Void - the presence of absence.

In my chosen site of Meadow Lane Lock, the void is the displacement of land within the canal. In my project, I explored how the void can be represented in my building. Through my research into voids and communities, I found the void of Asian representation throughout Nottingham.

Representing the void has been inspired by precedents to form a grid structure which connects the communities of Nottingham to the site. My building uses this grid structure to form the massing and the spaces within. My building has two main spaces, a library and an arts centre. The library features a large reading room, lit by skylights, and formed of angular lines reflected from the grid. The arts centre aims to promote contemporary arts from primarily the Asian community in Nottingham through its various exhibition spaces.

Daniel Mina
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Daniel Mina
BArch Architecture

BArch Architecture

The BArch (Hons) in Architecture course is focused on the creative and practical development of architectural design, investigated in a studio environment through a series of carefully considered practical and theoretical projects in a variety of spatial, social, cultural and topographical situations.

The purpose of the course is to align architectural concepts, thinking, techniques and values with current architectural thought and practice. It involves strategic thinking and creative imagination; problem-solving and research tasks; attention to detail and tectonic resolution; traditional and digital forms of representation; and public presentations and reviews. This course addresses the challenges of designing for diverse communities and cultures and develops Part 1 graduates with creative vision, practical skills and an ethical position in respect of the role of the architect in a globalised world.

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