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The Pocket Watch Archivist

Based on vigorous research into the client and object, my project aims to explore the relationship between time and space as physical dimensions. This is explored in the literal sense with a secondary function of astronomy via an observatory and grand telescope, but also through the themes of controlling circulation in an 'orbital' way and emphasising verticality. A tesseract is a four-dimensional cube, often described as 'a cube within a cube', and symbolises the fact that time is a spatial dimension. This concept inspired the changes made to the form.

"Time is the fourth dimension of space" - Einstein.

The archive explores the history and evolution of a pocket watch, the stories of that give these heirlooms character and the theme of magnification; to highlight the mechanical intricacy and to allow such a small object to fill a large space.

Materiality and steampunk decorative elements such as art and lighting fixtures tie the work spaces into the living quarters.

The combination of the themes described and the functions of the spaces created should take visitors and customers on a historical journey that engages the community while emphasising the archivist's passion for horology and astronomy.

Max King
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Max King
BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

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