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The brief for this project required one to conduct a series of rigorous visual studies into an everyday object of one choosing; one will become an expert on this object. Only then will one be in a position to imagine an archive for such an object to exist and to create a detailed fictional biography of a sole archivist to act as keeper of this space, who themselves have an intimate relationship with its inhabitant object.

Given three different building site options located in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, a historic hub for manufacturing in the city. One building was chosen and designed to house an archive for the selected object; both building and object will eventually become intertwined to establish a rich, meaningful relationship.


Photography transcends language, nationality, and knowledge of art. It is a way of holding onto memories for a lifetime. It captures the history and educates future generations whilst also demonstrating aspects of existence.

This design project will create a centre of creativity, culture and digital innovation in the heart of Manchester, a one-stop resource centre providing an international focus for community activities and learning, archive, library, and photography. The project will capture emotions, atmosphere and moments, remaining in the memory of all users over a long period by creating a truly unforgettable experience. The space will talk about key world events and news in the form of photography.

The House of Memories is a location where memories are brought to life. The archivist who lives in the Mackie Mayor building will stay anonymous. Through the lens of a camera, the archivist goes throughout the world to preserve key events, memories, sights, and feelings.

As a result, the Mackie Mayor is a site where the archivists’ work is created, shown, and archived. Although the archivist lives in the Mackie Mayor build- ing, where are his private quarters?

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Valentina Bernhardt
Student name
Valentina Bernhardt
BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design
Interior visual 1 - Visual overlooking the area of focus of this project, the photography development space.

Interior visual 1 - Visual overlooking the area of focus of this project, the photography development space.

Exterior visual 1 - The Mackie Mayor building from Swan street.

Exterior visual 1 - The Mackie Mayor building from Swan street.

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