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Meditate and Grow

Sustainability challenges demand built environment solutions that will address concerns such as health and well-being, energy efficiency, waste and carbon reduction. It can be argued that conventional education is not designed to cultivate well-being. Rethinking education helps address the challenges we currently face globally. Meditation and Sustainable Farming as a form of education can contribute to sustainability and well-being in communities. Farming contributes to biodiversity and ecosystem services by providing habitats, reducing food miles and creating more green spaces, reducing the carbon footprint left by our everyday activities while Meditation contributes to mindfulness, social and emotional well-being.

My proposal for the Madelvic site in Granton, Edinburgh is one of adaptive re-use, with its main purpose to create an environment which promotes the health and well-being of its residents and with learning activities that include Meditation to Grow, Vertical Farming, Traditional Farming and Soil-free Growing with opportunities to develop and create their own variations or species of plants.

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Zana Kentish Brade
Student name
Zana Kentish Brade
MArch Architecture
Best Studio Project - Year 01

MArch Architecture

The Master of Architecture (MArch) embraces the challenge of 21st Century architectural practice and focuses on educating architects with a global outlook through projects set in local, national, and international contexts.

Through “vertical studios” in each year of study, steered by leading practitioners and academics, we put current architectural thinking at the heart of the course. We locate architectural design centrally as an academic discipline through rigorous cross-disciplinary design research and complex methodological application. The course recognises the essential cross-cutting and cross-disciplinary nature of architecture, bringing together diverse disciplines aiming to create collaborative/group work as a means of developing design creativity within the realistic teamwork environment of practice. All projects will be developed considering sustainability, environmental, socio-economic and cultural aspects, rather than being studied and applied as discrete areas of teaching and learning.

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