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Forest shelter

This is a house I designed for a couple who moved to Derbyshire from London. The owner is an occasional wheelchair user.
In the design, I added barrier-free design to make the moving wire more simple and make the owner more comfortable and convenient when using the wheelchair.
At the same time, I incorporated the design concept of symbiosis. I integrated the symbiotic relationship between human and nature into the design, choosing wood and stone from the local area.
Large glass Windows reduce the house's boundary, allowing people to live in the sense of integration with nature.

Yilin Zhang
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Yilin Zhang
MA Interior Architecture and Design

MA Interior Architecture and Design

The MA Interior Architecture and Design is a multi-dimensional course which incorporates the understanding of interior, spatial and architectural design alongside an awareness of building structure.

The course is an intensive 53 week in length, and it is divided into three successive terms: Certificate, Diploma and Masters. The DIPLOMA SHOW is the conclusion of Term 2, launched in July 2021. At the end of Term 3 October 2021, the same students present their MASTERS SHOW before entering into industry or further studies.

The course has a very strong studio-based culture which is reflective of professional practice, with a combination of design and skills-based teaching and exploration with a strong focus on the spatial investigation, humancentric and holistic use of space.

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