NTU Architecture Subject Group

Interior Speculations Research Conference 2022

Following the popular inaugural Interior Speculations symposium held in June 2021, IAD at NTU are delighted to announce our second symposium event to be held in June 2022. The NTU Interior Speculations research symposium continues to facilitate an unrestricted interchange of ideas and scholarly works exploring the tensions between practice and research in debates on the evolution of the contemporary interior.

Traditionally, conceptions of the interior inform and inhabit a broad range of exploratory and interpretive fields within the broader architectural research environment. Notions of interiority filter and populate the historical, sociological, political and philosophical armature of architectural discourse. This year, the range of speakers continue in this spirit, exploring notions of the interior within the spaces of commercial consumption, the historical interior, and strategic adaption.

Tuesday 21ST June 2022

Douglas Gittens
Session chair
Vivien Chan
Chaos in the Square: Assembling design histories of hawker bazaars in postwar Hong Kong.
Panel Discussion
Researching Spaces: From case study to methodology
Graeme Brooker
50 / 50 Words for Reuse: A Minifesto.